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£10.00 per month


TOTALLY SHREDDED: A High Intensity Cardio & Combat Class Set To DNB, House & Garage Music, Designed To Burn Fat & Shred Your Body


PADFIT: A High Intensity Boxing & Cardio Workout With Interval Training To Strengthen & Tone Your Whole Body (No Pads or Gloves Needed)


SHREDBATA BY TOTALLY SHREDDED HQ: A Brand New HIIT Workout Set to DNB, House & Garage Music - 50s Work / 25s Rest x 24 Rounds (Interval Times Change)


FREESTYLE PUMP: A Fast Paced Barbell Or Dumbbell Workout To Strengthen & Tone The Whole Body - High Reps / Low Weight


KETTLEBELL STRENGTH: A Total Body Workout Using a Kettlebell Or Dumbbell From Basic Moves Through To Advanced


KJ-FIT BOOTCAMP: Strength & Cardio Full Body 

Workout using Bodyweight & Weight


BOOTY BLAST: Lots Of Reps To Lift & Tone The Butt (Optional Weight & Band)


HIIT STRENGTH: Weight & Bodyweight Intervals To Tone & Strengthen The Whole Body


Includes Upper & Lower Body Workouts, HIIT, Killer Core & Flex & Stretch classes + lots more to come!

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